Mountain Laurel Quilters' Guild

Guild Member Long-Arm Quilters

These guild members own either stationary long arm quilting machines or moveable long arm machines and are willing to quilt for a fee. Contact them directly for information.

Catherine Bavington
I have a business doing longarm quilting on my computerized 14' Gammill. I do custom work, but no free motion since I find I can manipulate and/or create computerized patterns that work for most quilts. I also do donation quilts, but only when I'm able to since I already have a number of people I work with who donate to the Children's Hospital Of Atlanta, as well as various rehab centers in Cherokee county. My website is, and all of my pricing, etc. can be found there. I also have a FaceBook page called The Patchwork Rooster.  678-325-8587

Linda Coulombe
I have a Baby Lock Crown Jewel Longarm. I can do edge-to-edge and free motion quilting. I only do donation quilts, I will not quilt for money.    407-687-3495

LuAnn Luedtke
I have a 18 inch sit down Janome Artistic quilting machine. I do customized free motion quilting at a very reasonable rate. I have done very small pieces to king sized quilts. 
Contact me at   I will do donation quilts and QOV quilts.   I work with most fabrics and have done a large number of quilts with minky or cuddle backing.        770-310-3347

Peggy Saum
I have a Juki Longarm robotic on a 10 frame and can accommodate up to a queen size quilt.  I’m currently proficient in edge to edge but only learning more custom aspects of my software, so I’ll just offer E2E for right now.  904-626-4471